• Marketing insights.

    for better decisions.

  • Claim brand positions

    space description ... category creation ... discovery

  • Customer experience

    satisfaction ... uncover hot buttons

  • Pricing research

    price sensitivity ... attribute utility

  • Products.

    appeal ... competitive position ... targets

  • Advertising research.

    impact ... reach ... discovery

  • Define markets.

    relevant markets ... segments ... targets

  • Grow brands.

    brand assessments ... find opportunities

  • Expert research.

    clear ... accurate ... relevant

  • Professional surveys.

    online ... in-person ... phone ... hybrid

  • Qualitative research

    online forums ... groups ... dyads

B2B decision insights.

Engaging hard-to-reach B2B customers with Kinetic Conversations & surveys.

Delivering hard-hitting guidance and recommendations.
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Marketing intelligence that's relevant, usable, and valid.
  • Broad capabilities...

    Power Decisions offers comprehensive B2B marketing consulting and research capabilities. We can help you know more about your market, targets, and how prospects and customers think about your brand.
  • Your judgement counts ...

    We start by listening and thinking instead of jumping. With you, we think carefully and creatively about your possible decisions and needed market intelligence. The result? Better decisions.
  • Experience ...

    Power Decisions has conducted scores of marketing and product research studies involving brand positioning, pricing, advertising, new products and targeting.
  • Talent  ...

    We've got the experience, tools and know-how.
  • Design & execution...

    We're specialists at research design and execution. We employ best of breed design and resources to implement online surveys, online research communities, focus groups, discussion forums, depth interviews.
  • Your Goals Drive  ...

    Your marketing strategy decision agenda drives our recommendations for must-have product and branding research. After clarifying your product or brand decision options, we craft the engagement steps. We recommend the optimum process: primary research, secondary research, and internal client data.
We expertly design and execute high quality marketing research engagements.

What clients say...

  • I have worked with Tom Brown for several years on a variety of research projects in a variety of industries. I have found Tom's judgment and professionalism to be exceptional. He spends the time necessary during the planning stages to make certain that the knowledge gained from the research is meaningful and delivers against the objectives of the project. His attention to post project follow through also provides additional insight to the results from the research.
    Mike Moser
    Executive URS & Boise Cascade
  • Power Decisions was great to work with. They came in on short notice and quickly assessed our requirements for brand equity research. Because of their broad experience, and knowledge of our industry and business, they quickly assessed the situation, set up and completed the worldwide research project, and gave us the insights we needed to make an important branding decision and move our business forward.
    Tamara Sloviaczek
    Executive VP Extended Systems/SAP
  • The Benchmark Customer Study that Power Decisions conducted for ProClarity played a major role in helping us understand how our customers use our products, what their plans were, and how they perceived our services. The results of the study has had been key in developing both our product and services strategy.
    Jim Stone
    Director, Product Marketing
    ProClarity Division Microsoft
  • Your group has conducted several studies for Alaska Pacific Bank, and later as we became KeyBanks, Pacific. The work helped immensely to identify a course of action as we made acquisitions in Washington and Oregon; not only in the go/no-go decisions, you pointed us to the most profitabletarget customer groups.
    Arne Espe
    Key Banks Pacific
  • I recommend Power Decisions Group to anyone seeking to understand product satisfaction and loyalty. Tom Brown's expertise as lead on our work goes far beyond his survey expertise. They provide more than expected.
    Randall Unterseher
    Senior Director of Aftermarket Key Technology, Inc
  • I highly recommend Power Decisions Group. They delivered a laser-focused market expansion study.

    Their insight allowed us to avoid several missteps in the process and gave us the deep information to accurately assess the market, and gauge our expectations for success.

    Blake Temple
    EVP Strategy Jefferson Regional Medical Center
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We will help sharpen your strategy with insight about and discoveries within your market. The marketing information we uncover will enable you to make more profitable and market-share-building decisions.
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