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Concept Testing
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Concept testing research evaluates advertising concepts, ad theme concepts and appeals, new product concepts, pricing, brand concepts, brand names, and positioning strategy concepts.

Our concept testing market research design approach for your company will develop precise and specific concept statements for development, testing, screening and segmentation.

Here we support your product, advertising, or positioning, pricing, or branding concepts consistent with a multi-step process to yield optimum results.

Online Marketing Research

We employ advanced concept testing research  measurement and questionnaire approaches using both qualitative and quantitative market research methods.

Staged Concept Testing

Staged or sequenced concept testing acknowledges the importance of the iterative creative and refinement process involved in concept development.   We believe our concept testing research philosophy is what differentiates us from many other market research firms. These principles guide our concept development and testing study designs:



We use these data collection technologies for concept testing research:


Many concept testing engagements are an integral part our Concept Development Consulting assessments and recommendations.