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The decisions you face drive your marketing research requirements: branding, pricing, products, or targeting. Before we begin any market research study, we examine with you the four decision stages to uncover the most appropriate way marketing information can help.

Decision Pathway Approach -- Decision Clarification then market research

Our marketing consulting and market research design is directed by the Decision Pathway, our high level view of the decision-making process when business and marketing strategy decisions are at play. We consult with you as we design "must have" market research. Here are the four steps involved.

1. Opportunity Scanning
2. Option Generation
3. Refining Options
4. Decision and Execution

We use these decision-making stages as a pathway for recommending market intelligence, surveys, or focus group studies. Our Decision-Research Matrix guides this process. Also, see our Power Decisions Blog article,"Ten critical tips and tools about market research for strategy decisions" .

Our experience has shown that attention your marketing strategy decision-making needs and decision stages produces highly useful market research and marketing intelligence. We let your decisions drive our marketing research design. This saves time, reduces cost, and produces optimum results.

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