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Marketing Data & Resources

See other useful sites at Market Research Tutorials.

Market research resources, data, statistics, company reports, marketing associations, and other useful links are shown here as a quick reference for marketing executives, market research managers, venture capital firms, CEO's, and others seeking business intelligence information.

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Advertising Age Magazine   
Advertising Law Internet Site   
Advertising Research Foundation   
American Advertising Federation   
American Demographics  Access to selected features of print magazine's current issue, as well as access to archives since 1993 searchable by issue date or as full text search.
The American Marketing Association   
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The Better Business Bureau's National Advertising Division Site The site provides a large amount of information to include press releasesdating back to 1995.
B&E Datalinks   Links to economic and financial data sources; site sponsored by the "Business and Economics Statistics" section of the American Statistical Association. 
British Columbia Stats: Population Data and Documents
   Census data, population estimates and projections for British Columbia, Canada 
Business Cycle Indicators  The Conference Board posts the "official" latest releases, as well as archived information, on their Leading Economic Indicators (LEI). There's also other general information about the economy and cyclical indicators offered free on the site as well.
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CDNow - Successful Internet Marketing   
CenStats: U.S. Census Information   
Central and Eastern Europe Business Information Center   
CIA World Fact Book 1996   
Consumer Culture Research Site   
Consumer World    
Cornell University - United States Code   
CyberAtlas    CELADE-Demographic Situation Latin American population estimations, projections, migration, and transition  
Charting the Progress of Populations
Developments in population and standard of living, worldwide (pdf)
China Population Information and Research Center
Leading unit of the China Population Information Network (CHINA POPIN), a member of the Asia and Pacific POPIN and the Global POPIN. provides information about its organizations, tasks, publications, Data User Service and other related issues.
Church Memberships
CIA World Factbook: General Population Information
General Population Information for all countries. Choose Country and then click Population. 
City Populations from around the world  You'll find statistics and maps about the population of the major agglomerations of the world.
Conference Board  Site for worldwide, not-for-profit, business membership and research network offers research reports on business on economics. Information includes the Consumer Confidence Index and the Leading Economic Indicators, both of which are Conference Board-sponsored studies.
Current Industrial Reports (U.S. Census)  Since 1904, the Current Industrial Report (CIR) program has been providing monthly, quarterly, and annual measures of industrial activity. The primary objective of the CIR program is to produce timely, accurate data on production and shipments of selected products. The data are used to satisfy economic policy needs and for market analysis, forecasting, and decision-making in the private sector. These surveys measure manufacturing activity in important commodity areas such as textiles and apparel, chemicals, primary metals, computer and electronic components, industrial equipment, aerospace equipment, and consumer goods.
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Dentsu Advertising   
Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters and Academic Discussion Lists   
Direct Marketing Association   
Dow Jones Links to Dow Jones publications sites: Barron's, Wall Street Journal, CNBC & others.
Deafness-Related Research
Gallaudet Research Institute demographic studies on deafness and hearing impairment, particularly among elementary- and secondary-school students.


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Ejournal SiteGuide: a MetaSource, University of British Columbia   
The Entrepreneur's Marketing Center   
E-School: Learn About Web-TV   
ESPN Sportszone    
E*Trade - US & Australian Internet Stockbroker   
EU Business  News and information about EU policy, legislation, economic data and opportunities.
Earth Resource System   Detailed information on demographics, environmental factors, economic indicators, housing stats, media, schools and more.
List of links to economic statistics agencies and resources worldwide.
A comprehensive site of free, easily available, economic time series data useful for economic research, and particularly useful for economic forecasting.
Economic Statistics Briefing Room
Easy access to current U.S. federal economic indicators.
Official SEC site of all public filings including S-1 and 10K filings.
Electronic Map Library
Department of Geography, California State University, Northridge European Association For Population Studies
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Federal Trade Commissison
Forecasting Business Connection   
FranInfo Franchising information.    
FranNet Franchising information.    

Federal Reserve System's Economic Research and Data
Economic research and data page for the U.S. Federal Reserve. See separate sites for each FRB district:
Atlanta  |  Boston  |  Chicago  |  Cleveland  |  Dallas  |  Kansas City  | 
Minneapolis  |  New York  |  Philadelphia  |  Richmond  |  St. Louis |  San Francisco  | 

FedStats (Statistics from over 100 federal agencies)
France-Population and Vital Statistics Population and vital statistics of France, 2000
Free Edgar SEC filings information on public companies

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The Gallup Organization   
The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)   
GreenBook and Focus Group Directory   
The Growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web   
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Hot Coupons     
Hong Kong-Population and Vital Events
Hong Kong Demographic Data
Hoover's Online Reports on public companies

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IBM TeamPlayers Campaigns On Demand   
iMarket Inc.   
Inc. Magazine    
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The Japan Information Network   
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Key Note Information Centre   
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The Legal Information Institute   
Latin America Network Information Center   

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The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award   
Glosary of internet terms.
Metacraler   This search engine scans all leading engines with one search.
Marketers want their Mamma!   
The Marketing Council   
Marketing Ideas - The Social MarketingPlace  
Marketing Online UK    
Mediamark Research Inc.   
MouseTracks Syllabits 
MarketResearch.com An aggregator of global business intelligence. 

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Nielsen TV Ratings   
Northwest Airlines CyberSaver Fares   
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Parrot Media Network   
Project 2000    
PopNet Population Reference Bureau; directory of population-related websites 
PR Newswire
Press releases from public and private companies

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The Radio Advertising Bureau - Media Facts    
Research-It! A website that offers the lot!   
Research Your Approach to Electronic Business   
Retailing Technology-Preparing Stores for Wired Consumers   

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Sales & Marketing Executives International   
Searching on the Net, Without the Web   
Secondary Research Using Newsgroups - The DejaNews Service   
The SOHO Guidebook   
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Search  
Still Confused About the Net?   
SEC Edgar
   Official site of all public filings including S-1 and 10K filings.
Size and Growth of Population and Labor Force
   Average Annual Growth of the Labor Force, Average Annual Increment to the Population, Average Annual Population Change, Population
Statistical Abstract 2000
U.S. Census Bureau 
Statistics Canada

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TradePort is a repository of free information and resources for businesses that seek to conduct international trade to and from California. Created in 1996, TradePort is backed by an alliance of regional trade associations that assist California export and import businesses.

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The United States Code from Cornell Law School    

U.S. Census Bureau FactFinder  
An excellent gateway to census data. 
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Values and Lifestyles (VALS) Program at SRI   

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Web as a Distribution Channel Paper, The,    
Web Marketing Info Center    
Weekly Guerilla, The    
What Time Is It Around the World?   
Woolworths (Australia)   
This site is a very comprehensive, if not the most comprehensive, web sites of economic information. For one looking for web resources in economics, or economic resources in general, this is a fine place to start.

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Please email us with your suggestions for links. 

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