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★ Demographic Research and Trading Area Analyses :: Site Location★

Demographic Research : we offer site location analysis and site recommendations, trading area analysis, and multiple location strategy recommendations.

We look at demographic analysis as one dimension in your decision spectrum. Here's our approach:

  1. Decision Mapping: Here we consult with your management team to clarify the decision options in the full marketing mix.
  2. Identify Internal Demographic Assumptions & Criteria
  3. Define Consumer/User Demographic Profile: Here we profile the demographic and lifestyle attributes of active consumers
  4. GIS Analysis: Using the premier GIS and demographic databases, we define the trading areas.

Demographic Research Applications

  1. Site Location Studies
  2. Targeting Strategy
  3. Trading area research site demographics,
  4. Site demographics
  5. Market Surveys Design

Benefits of Demographic Analysis Support for Your Decision Making

  1. Analyze areas to identify the most attractive markets for expansion or consolidation.
  2. Save time and maximize profits with the most accurate, reliable marketing demographics.

Complete Demographic Resources:
Recently Available Demographic Updates

  1. Pop-Facts: Census Demographic Overview (2016) and (2016)
  2. Pop-Facts: Demographic Quick Facts Report (2016) and (2016)
  3. Pop-Facts: Household Quick Facts Report (2016) and (2016)
  4. Pop-Facts: Population Quick Facts Report (2016) and (2016)
  5. Pop-Facts: Demographic Snapshot Report (2016) and (2016)
  6. Population by Age by Race by Sex Report (2016) and (2016)
  7. Executive Summary Report (2016) and (2016)
  8. Population Current-Year Map (2016) and (2016)
  9. Population Current-Year Dot Density Map (2016) and (2016)
  10. Household Current-Year Map (2016) and (2016)
  11. Household Current-Year Dot Density Map (2016) and (2016)
  12. Median Household Income Map (2016) and (2016)
  13. Population Growth 2000 � Current-Year Map (2016) and (2016)
  14. RMP Opportunity Gap � Retail Stores Report (2016) and (2016)

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