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As convergence of communications technologies between fixed broadband and mobile wireless telecom communications continues over the next few years, convergence will be a defining crucial issue. Our telecom and wireless communications market research engagements are practical, accurate, and reflective of the particular client needs and the nature of the target market. We implement a wide range of communications B2B and consumer marketing studies — from new product development to market sizing studies.

Industrial Manufacturing Market Research

It is our view that winning telecom communications conversion strategies will involve ...
  • multiple access concepts including IPv6, high-speed broadband (xDSL, T1, T3, etc.),
  • cellular 2.5G (EDGE & URTS) & 3G,
  • evolving wireless local area networks (WLAN), and
  • metropolitan area networks (MAN).

As wireless handsets embody greater scope regard to connectivity, and greater articulation from cellular to 802.xx to Blue Tooth, we see the backbone infrastructure being called upon to handle switching and data packet management far beyond the capacities of the current installed base of broadband hardware. With the advent of streaming audio and video mediums, including personal video transmissions and entertainment images and sound, it is our view that the established telecommunications industry will undergo a significant evolution as it expands capacities from digital data transfers to rich media data management. Videoconferencing will place greater demands on broadband. As we see it, videoconferencing at the large corporation, small company, and SOHO levels will include the marriage of home and personal communicating devices.

Communications markets are often a moving target, both for companies, component suppliers, and their new products. Market segmentation tools can meaningfully identify the need structure of differing market sectors. Communications technology market research often requires the researcher to be both knowledgeable in the language and concepts of technical issues, while bring a fresh approach to technology marketing issues. Depending on the marketing decisions and issues, we often design communications research studies using hybrid designs, incorporating market survey method of both qualitative and quantitative genres. When assessing new products opportunities, primary and secondary research can be driven by what we call 'next bench' innovation -- the concepts and market knowledge of technology workers on the firing line. Competitive intelligence techniques may also be required.

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Our consulting company has deep experience working with large and small firms, although typical clients include Fortune 500, Fortune 100, or middle market companies. We also have worked for emerging companies, venture funds, and venture capital firms.

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Our philosophy is that we bring a tool kit of analytical and management skills to the table. You bring deep industry knowledge of your business. The blending of our functional and management expertise, and your knowledge of your own business and industry, makes for a productive decision-focused engagement.

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