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Travel, recreation, tourism, and related consumer leisure services are arenas where we've helped marketing companies build market share, brand awareness, and brand preference. Studies in this practice area include market research for resorts, lodging and hotel properties, recreation areas such as ski areas and resorts. Reaching and understanding the needs of target segments, such as the youth market, or early-retired is crucial to study design and building high-impact marketing strategy.

Travel Hospitality & Consumer Services Market Research

Consumer services market research applies our solid portfolio of market research tools and analysis. When reaching the tourism, travel and hospitality resort market, we often apply hybrid market research methods to reach study respondents in the target audience to measure brand preference, customer satisfaction, opportunities for new products and services, and identify market segmention structure. Aligned with the mass services market are important sub-markets such as youth where the youth culture and the way we measure youth culture impacts research design and creative brand development.

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Our consulting company has deep experience working with large and small firms, although typical clients include Fortune 500, Fortune 100, or middle market companies. We also have worked for emerging companies, venture funds, and venture capital firms.

Industry Consulting and Market Research Experience

Our philosophy is that we bring a tool kit of analytical and management skills to the table. You bring deep industry knowledge of your business. The blending of our functional and management expertise, and your knowledge of your own business and industry, makes for a productive decision-focused engagement.

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