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★ Market Landscape Research — Copy, Themes, Platforms, Headlines★

Market Landscape research is exactly that: a descriptive research study that gives management an thorough understanding of the 'market landscape' as it stands now. It logically delivers market intelligence useful in a marketing SWOT analysis.

We use a broad range of marketing research tools and methods in the landscape research process. Here's some of the methods we may use in including ad recall surveys, message and theme salience and impact measures, buying motivation and association with the ad message or positioning theme.

Our Market Landscape research studies cover both consumer and B2B business markets.  


Market Landscape Research Tools & Methods Details

Secondary Research

Published data from secondary research publishers, trade associations, US Department of Commerce, SEC filings, and others.

Web Search & Scraping

Web searching is a form of secondary research. Web "scraping" involves use of software to automate the process.

Competitive Intelligence

CI involves gathering unpublished insights from competitors, competitor customers, distributors, iand former and current employees.

Primary Research

Qualitative and quantitative research is employed in market landscape research. Qualitaltive: Online forums and focus groups. Quantitative: descriptive market surveys to assess customer met and unmet needs, how the market is segmented, competitor position, and problems and opportunities in the market.

Contact us to discus your company's qualitative or quantitative Market Landscape research requirements.

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