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Strategy Consultants — Brands – Markets – Products – Targets

Marketing strategy is our focus. Our B2B and consumer management strategy consultingengagements bring a fresh mindset and street-smart experience. First, we employ cutting edge marketing strategy research to define opportunities for products, advertising platforms, and targeting high value segments.

We augment your critical thinking and strategy decision-making process, not replace it. We're experienced facilitators, thinkers, analysts, and collaborators: We're not gurus. Here's where our consulting can help companies build market share, increase sales, attack markets, and achieve profit improvement in your B2B, industrial, or consumer markets.

  • Marketing SWOT Analysis ...more...
  • We initiate or refresh your Marketing SWOT Analysis examining apparent Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This is a preliminary step to describe the landscape unique to your business unit.
  • Decision Mapping ...more...
  • In concjuction with or following a preliminary Marketing SWOT Analysis, we can move forward with Decision Mapping, a process thinking tools we use to clarify opportunities, generate strategic and tactical options, and refine those options. We move immediately based on what we know now, management drivers and preferences, then identifying, if required, the must-have strategic marketing information to move forward with effective decisions.
  • Product Concept Development ...more...
  • Collaborate with you to generate high-impact concepts for a new advertising approach, brand position, pricing strategy, or product design strategy. Concept development is a blend of creative and analytical.
  • Market Entry Strategy ...more...
  • We conduct custom engagements to guide the market entry process from a market entry strategy perspective. We blend marketing strategy research -- primary and secondary -- with our Decision Mapping process to uncover opportunities, evaluate alternatives, and guide your strategy decision process.
  • Marketing Research Project Consulting ...more...
  • For clients with an in-house research team or advertising agency with market research capabilities, we provide market research consulting. This may involve market research flow-charting, recommendations on marketing issues and identifying high-priority measurements, questionnaire design, questionnaire review and pilot testing, sampling design, review of your marketing information system, and market research methodology recommendations.
  • Brand Development ...more...
  • Brand development consulting includes brand and market positioning analysis based on our Positioning Research and Creative Branding Research methodologies. We draw on external market-driven data, but know that such critical decisions such as branding require use of a full marketing intelligence platform of data, ideas, and drivers. Brand development does not rest on data alone.
  • Brand Strategy & Naming ...more...
  • Brand naming is mostly art. That art flourishes with creative thinking directed by clear goals and market and customer understanding. Our experienced branding creative team is world class.
  • Go-to-Market Plan ...more...
  • Go-to-Market Plans move decisions and strategy into action. We play the role in facilitating and accelerating execution by working with your internal team and resources in a practical yet information-based manner. We hold the strategic intention to ensure that execution matches the intended strategy. As needed, we build in tracking metrics to measure market success.
  • Strategic Planning Services and Consulting ...more...
  • We work with management teams and boards to facilitate strategic planning. We use a common sense fast track approach to getting to key issues quickly. While we employ a few traditional methods -- such as SWOT analysis -- our approach is very goal focused and practical. We can work with you to on a short term basis to manage and facilitate a strategic planning event, or work longer on an extended consulting basis to collaborate to accelerate market entry, new product line development, or company structure issues to maximize marketing impact.
  • Executive Coaching ...more...
  • We provide custom coaching and training of your in house staff on bringing up or expanding an internal market research capability. In addition to coaching your staff, we are available for ongoing consultation -- for design, analysis, and interpretation -- on internal market research projects you manage internally. Further, we conceive, recommend and install tailored marketing information system and market research tools to allow timely internal execution of ongoing market research projects.

Observations about our marketing strategy approch to brand development consulting

H1>Comments about the Power Decisions Marketing Strategy Consulting approach to Brand Development

In our marketing strategy consulting work, our viewpoint is that branding is much more than than the brand picture – logos, ads, impressions – ; it's about the whole brand. To us, the whole brand means 1) the "brand value bundle", 2) the "brand promise", and 3) the "brand picture". These are the components of a Great Brand, that we've written about.

A successful branding strategy recipe must first start with an insightful understanding of your competitive brand position. Knowing your current brand position — on the salient benefits and other segmentation dimensions — must come first! In our view, we must start with a hard-nosed, realistic and creative approach to finding your positioning opportunities. Where is your company and product line positioned among competitive companies and products? Where are the holes, niches, and customer needs begging for attention?

Our strategic brand positioning research, decision clarification, and creative strategic consulting leads the way.

Marketing Consulting Services :: Overview

Marketing Strategy Consultants

As marketing strategy consultants, our firm will work with you and your company and management team in a professional product launch, branding research, or market sizing or targeting engagement. Since each client company or firm is unique with its own set of issues and opportunities, we often begin our relationship with a decision identification and clarification engagement – what we call Decision Mapping. This identifies the most relevant problems, opportunities, and issues most relevant, and serves to clarify the decision agenda. We believe this is a crucial step to ensure as consultants to your company, that our research or marketing strategy engagement meets your specific management requirements. Further, saves both time and money as it sharpens focus as to the exact work which needs to be accomplished in our remaining consulting or market research work for your company.

Experts in Marketing Strategy

As experts and specialists in marketing and market research, we are well qualified in these strategy arenas: positioning, segmentation, product launch, new product development advertising strategy, corporate and product naming, company branding, brand equity measurement, pricing, brand development, brand strategy, product concept testing, identifying opportunities, and targeting positioning.

Functional Marketing Research Experience

Our consulting company has deep experience working with large and small firms, although typical clients include Fortune 500, Fortune 100, or middle market companies. Our team members have been involved as executives and board members of technology venture start-ups, conducting research and assessments used by private equity, and venture capital firms.

Industry Consulting and Market Research Experience

First, we are not industry specialists or experts. Our philosophy is that we bring a tool kit of analytical and management skills to the table. You bring deep industry knowledge of your business. The blending of our functional and management expertise, and your knowledge of your own business and industry, makes for a productive decision-focused engagement.

Here are some examples from industries we've served with management strategy consulting and marketing research...


Our healthcare marketing strategy and market research practice includes market research studies for hospitals and healthcare management companies. We've conducted patient satisfaction quantitative studies, hospital and medical center image studies, advertising research and services delivery research. Healthcare marketing research requires a special sensitivity when talking to consumers especially in qualitative studies where life issues often reach deep to the core of emotions of patients and family.

Software Development & Marketing Firms

We understand software markets, customer satisfaction issues, Software assignments include new product development, usability testing, customer satisfaction research, and brand naming, and brand development. Our work in software marketing includes clients in business intelligence analytics, mortgage banking accounting software, and enterprise software.

B2B and Industrial

B2B marketing studies are focused, practical research efforts to enhance the fast-paced decision-making requirements of the B2B marketing environment. Industrial and B2B manufacturing and wholesale marketing research studies are designed to be practical, accurate, and reflective of the particular client needs and the nature of the targeted market. We've conducted scores of industrial B2B studies for manufacturing firms engaged in sales of chemicals, heavy equipment, technology products, software systems, plant procesing equipment, computer systems, farm equipment and implements. Industrial B2B market research, as in consumer research, requires decision-clarification up front, tight goal definition, rigorous research design, and meticulous field research data collection.

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