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About Power Decisions Group

A market research company focused on marketing strategy. Using market research and decision clarification tools, we stay focused on your decision-making agenda.

We help your company search benefit from the right marketing research information for uncovering marketing strategy solutions that work. We research, evaluate, and facilitate as you go to market to grow market share and enhance your competitive position.

Four stages to marketing strategy decision-making. We use a range of marketing research methods best suited to decisions you're facing. Go-to-market execution marketing plans for new products, advertising, and programs. A critical first step is decision-making clarification -- to ensure that market research has high value and is well focused.

Simply, marketing research information is sought for better marketing and strategic decision-making. Yet, market research is only one piece in the marketing strategy equation. We're a marketing research company that takes a big view of the marketing strategy decisions you face, and know that decision-making drives your need for market research information. We design and execute expert marketing research. We provide more than marketing information: we will facilitate and work with you to clarify and illuminate your opportunities and options in the decision-making process. You have many many choices for finding a marketing research company. We believe our focus on your decision making sets us apart.

Our clients are critical thinkers, creative and competitive managers, and thoughtful, action-driven decision-makers. Executives face many problems, opportunities, and have much on their plate. They need to pursue sales forecasts, marketing plans, and they go to market with new product introductions, advertising campaigns, new and revived brands. They execute business strategy to increase market-share, stimulate product sales, and grow profits. This is our focus.

Marketing drives the top line in most every company today. We work for winners by giving them the right marketing research and thinking tools. We're a marketing research company that knows that a strong sales forecast is driven by a marketing strategy and a business strategy that requires people who think well, and apply both their analytical and creative minds for success. Marketing strategy requires a flexible and robust marketing information system. We apply our market research and marketing-information-system mindset to help you grow market share and profits.

With our decision-making approach, we help clients discover strategic options, gather and assess information, and facilitate selection and implementation of high-leverage market moves. We've conducted hundreds of marketing and product development studies for companies like HP, British Petroleum, National Semi, Bank of the West, MicronPC, Nokia, Boise Cascade, ProClarity, Extended Systems and many other.

Our work may involve market research, business intelligence, decision consulting, opportunity analysis, generation of fresh ideas and decision options; or special market studies.

The result? An enterprise that is faster and smarter in building its competitive advantage.

Smarter and faster.