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Executive marketing research interviews of executives and other hard-to-reach groups require special research design and methodology. Reaching executives, consultants, engineers, analysts, attorneys and other hard-to-reach target audiences is not easy. Executive research interviews require top-level consulting attention: executives want to be interviewed by peers. We've reached and conducted extensive quantitative executive surveys and qualitative depth interviews with such target populations. As research technology has grown, we employ such effective methods as time-extended buletin board discussion groups, and online executive interview surveys.

Planning Success in conducting an executive, management, or special audience survey comes from carefully thinking through the survey objectives, the need-to-know information required. Then, we consider and design the contact method. Often, our approach involves an extensive advance invitation prior to the initial interview contact.

Questionnaire Design & Pilot Testing In all studies, we believe that great interviews come from first creating precise research objectives which are translated into required measurement constructs. We then flow-chart these constructs, examining alternative interview flow patterns assessing the impact of question order bias and effects.

From the final flow chart, we then design questionnaires, conducting pilot tests where possible. We review the intended process with several people within your organization to ensure we've covered all bases. Great questionnires are revised questionnaires. Our rule of thumb is that great questionnaires result from multiple revisions as we uncover the nuances of information flow and respondent thought-patterns during the interview. All this ensures high 'response validity', or put another way, both we and our target respondents clearly understand each question.

Interviewing & Off-line Probing With a well-designed questionnaire, execution becomes king. For hard-to-reach populations, our consulting team, and knowledgeable, executive-peer associates personally perform interviews. With a great questionnaire and top interviewing team, we proceed with the contact plan and interviews.

Results For hard-to-reach executive, professional, and technical audiences, we employ careful planning, design and execution. Good data results, and good data drives our subsequent analysis and recommendations for your decision-making.