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We have extensive experience across B2B and consumer industries, both products and services. This breadth allows us to bring to clients a diversity of analytical approaches and tools.

Functional Experience

Our consulting company has deep experience working with large and small firms, although typical clients include Fortune 500, Fortune 100, or middle market companies. We also have worked for emerging companies, venture funds, and venture capital firms.

Industry Consulting and Market Research Experience

Our philosophy is that we bring a tool kit of analytical and management skills to the table. You bring deep industry knowledge of your business. The blending of our functional and management expertise, and your knowledge of your own business and industry, makes for a productive decision-focused engagement.

Our industry experience stretches across many service and product areas. These include:

Industries and Sectors -- Market Research

Our consumer products experience includes advertising research, and new product concept development and testing for packaged goods companies such as Simplot Foods, American Fine Foods, Beacon Light and Proctor & Gamble.
We've helped consumer durables companies marketing furniture, building materials, real estate developments, appliances, automobiles, vehicles, and computer peripherials. Studies have included market sizing, market segmentation, concept testing, attitude and usage.

We've conducted studies for brokerage firms, savings insitutions, banks, and companies that serve them. Financial services marketing studies include: major market entry studies and consulting for large mega-bank; brand image studies , new product development market research; price-positioning of online, ATM and credit card services, upscale services; site location analyses; and advertising research We understand the financial services marketplace. Our clients include Wells Fargo, Key Banks, Golden West, US Banks, BNP-Bank of the West, Meritor, Alaska Pacific, Northrim, and others.

Our healthcare marketing strategy and market research practice includes market research studies for hospitals and healthcare management companies. We've conducted patient satisfaction quantitative studies, hospital and medical center image studies, advertising research and services delivery research. Healthcare marketing research requires a special sensitivity when talking to consumers especially in qualitative studies where life issues often reach deep to the core of emotions of patients and family.

Travel, recreation, tourism, and related consumer leisure services are arenas where we've helped marketing companies build market share, brand awareness, and brand preference. Studies in this practice area include market research for resorts, lodging and hotel properties, recreation areas such as ski areas and resorts. Reaching and understanding the needs of target segments, such as the youth market, or early-retired is crucial to study design and building high-impact marketing strategy.

Public utilities face constant pressure from the public and governing authorities alike. Our practice from public utilities covers corporate identity and 'brand image', customer attitude and preference studies, public opinion on impact issues, price level and structure sensitivity, demand estimation based on usage intentions. We have help public utility clients with community relations issues, legal evidence, and advertising research.

Retail market research involves understanding the impact of the channel factors in consumer choice and perceptions. Retailers face growing changes as now online retail delivery attracts more serious buyers across a broad range of categoreis. We've conducted studies for online companies, catalog merchandisers, traditional retailers such as specialty chains, department stores, financial services retailers, big box discount chains, and national supermarket chains.

Technology marketing research uses core marketing research principles, yet there are important issues when reaching technology customers -- whether hardware or software. Our technology market research work has explored such markets as deskjet printer pricing, digital signal processor market sizing, launch of ASIC based technology startup product line, and others. We've assessed PC server branding, market demand and competitive positioning, and corporate image. For computer sellers, we've conducted data mining and modeling to identfy and target the best prospects for direct marketing online and mail campaigns. We understand the often complicated set of purchase and preference drivers at play in technology markets. In technolgy marketing, the value proposition in this market of B2B technical and management purchase decision-makers customers is a moving target, both for companies, component suppliers, and their new products. Market segmentation tools can meaningfully identify the need structure of differing market sectors.

We've served such clients as Intel, Hewlett Packard, National Semiconductor, Extended Systems, Micron and others.

We understand software markets, customer satisfaction issues, Software assignments include new product development, usability testing, customer satisfaction research, and brand naming, and brand development. Our work in software marketing includes clients in business intelligence analytics, mortgage banking accounting software, and enterprise software.

We design and implement for clients are practical, accurate, and carefully tailored to client needs and the targeted BtoB market. We've conducted industrial B2B marketing surveys for manufacturing firms engaged in chemicals, heavy equipment, technology products, procesing equipment, computer systems, agriculture equipment and many ofthers. Well honed and useful industrial B2B market research, as in consumer research, requires decision-clarification up front, tight goal definition, rigorous research design, and meticulous research data collection.

As convergence of communications technologies between fixed broadband and mobile wireless telecom communications continues over the next few years, convergence will be a defining crucial issue. Our telecom and wireless communications market research engagements are practical, accurate, and reflective of the particular client needs and the nature of the target market. We implement a wide range of communications B2B and consumer marketing studies — from new product development to market sizing studies.

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