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Motivational research seeks to thoroughly understand the oft-unspoken motives and beliefs held by customers and prospects in regard to a brand or product category. We typically begin a motivational research exploration with qualitative research in a personal one-on-one interviewing setting, and when appropriate, use photo ethnography to "see" the behaviors and underlying motives -- thru diary reports and depth interviews.

Motivational research, too, may explore a new category or brand, one that is seen by a company as an opportunity under consideration where market research information may be useful in "knowing more", to add depth to marketing understanding. We often explore a competitive product category where motivational research is useful to discover the tangential activities and behaviors that surround the target product or service of interest.

Motivational research seeks to uncover basic buyer and customer needs, as economic decision makers, and as human beings. It also seeks the tangible and intangible ways a company, product, or service meets those core needs, and how the competitive set of brands is perceived. Often the intangible image dimensions of the brand perception are the most useful in uncovering opportunities. Thus, motivational research is frequently included in the opportunity scan stage of the Decision Pathway.

When we conduct motivational research, qualitative market research is the usual starting point. We concentrate on a particular subcategory of qualitative research known as non-directive qualitative research. The emphasis here is on listening to people talk in response to a minimal number of specific questions, which are for the most part open-ended. We avoid hammering study participants with a long list of questionnaire questions. In stead, we listen, we let respondents think and ponder, perhaps over the course of a few days using time-extended depth interviews, about the product category, and the brand or brands we are exploring. We will stimulate respondents' thinking by using projective techniques, this exposing them to visual or aural stimulus then allowing respondents to respond to prompting questions and then engage in free-flowing and creative descriptions of their needs and how they are being met in relation to the stimulus provided.

Marketing Consulting Services :: Overview

Marketing Strategy Consultants

As marketing strategy consultants, our firm will work with you and your company and management team in a professional product launch, branding research, or market sizing or targeting engagement. Since each client company or firm is unique with its own set of issues and opportunities, we often begin our relationship with a decision identification and clarification engagement – what we call Decision Mapping. This identifies the most relevant problems, opportunities, and issues most relevant, and serves to clarify the decision agenda. We believe this is a crucial step to ensure as consultants to your company, that our research or marketing strategy engagement meets your specific management requirements. Further, saves both time and money as it sharpens focus as to the exact work which needs to be accomplished in our remaining consulting or market research work for your company.

Experts in Marketing Strategy

As experts and specialists in marketing and market research, we are well qualified in these strategy arenas: positioning, segmentation, product launch, new product development advertising strategy, corporate and product naming, company branding, brand equity measurement, pricing, brand development, brand strategy, product concept testing, identifying opportunities, and targeting positioning.

Functional Marketing Research Experience

Our consulting company has deep experience working with large and small firms, although typical clients include Fortune 500, Fortune 100, or middle market companies. Our team members have been involved as executives and board members of technology venture start-ups, conducting research and assessments used by private equity, and venture capital firms.

Industry Consulting and Market Research Experience

First, we are not industry specialists or experts. Our philosophy is that we bring a tool kit of analytical and management skills to the table. You bring deep industry knowledge of your business. The blending of our functional and management expertise, and your knowledge of your own business and industry, makes for a productive decision-focused engagement.

Here are some examples from industries we've served with management strategy consulting and marketing research...


Our healthcare marketing strategy and market research practice includes market research studies for hospitals and healthcare management companies. We've conducted patient satisfaction quantitative studies, hospital and medical center image studies, advertising research and services delivery research. Healthcare marketing research requires a special sensitivity when talking to consumers especially in qualitative studies where life issues often reach deep to the core of emotions of patients and family.

Wireless & Telcom

As convergence of communications technologies between fixed broadband and mobile wireless telecom communications continues over the next few years, convergence will be a defining crucial issue. Our telecom and wireless communications market research engagements are practical, accurate, and reflective of the particular client needs and the nature of the target market. We implement a wide range of communications B2B and consumer marketing studies — from new product development to market sizing studies.

Technology & Digital

Technology marketing research uses core marketing research principles, yet there are important issues when reaching technology customers -- whether hardware or software. Our technology market research work has explored such markets as deskjet printer pricing, digital signal processor market sizing, launch of ASIC based technology startup product line, and others. We've assessed PC server branding, market demand and competitive positioning, and corporate image. For computer sellers, we've conducted data mining and modeling to identfy and target the best prospects for direct marketing online and mail campaigns. We understand the often complicated set of purchase and preference drivers at play in technology markets. In technolgy marketing, the value proposition in this market of B2B technical and management purchase decision-makers customers is a moving target, both for companies, component suppliers, and their new products. Market segmentation tools can meaningfully identify the need structure of differing market sectors.

We've served such clients as Intel, Hewlett Packard, National Semiconductor, Extended Systems, Micron and others.