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★ Marketing Research Firm :: Strategy Consulting approach by Power Decisons Group★

We can help if you want to sharpen your strategy with the insight of a market research and management consulting firm of seasoned pros. We've been on the marketing and sales firing line: introduced new products, created new name brands, and started marketing and technology companies.

Broad capabilities...

Power Decisions Group offers comprehensive marketing consulting and broad marketing research capabilities. We can help if you want to know more about your market, current or future targets: how prospects and customers think, how they see your brand versus the competition.

Marketing research tools & know-how

Whether the issue is brand strategy, new product design, advertising appeals, or pricing sensitivity, we've got the tools and the know-how.

We cover the U.S.A. nationwide and all international markets.

Best of breed design & study execution

We're specialists at research design and execution. We employ best of breed design and resources to implement online surveys, online research communities, focus groups, discussion forums, depth interviews. Often, we suggest a hybrid design -- multi-method stages -- precisely tailored to your meet your marketing intelligence needs.

Honoring your judgement

We start by thinking instead of jumping. With you, we think carefully and creatively about decisions and market intelligence. This approach moves our collective thinking -- yours and ours -- ahead quickly and with greater insight.

Explore Market Opportunities & Options

We explore decision options, examine opportunities and distill the priority decisions you face.

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