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Pricing research involves first a pricing strategy assessment supported by strong pricing research capabilities. Sound pricing market research requires a broad strategic perspective together with a focus on your pricing decision options. Our focus finds optimum price-product-feature configurations in the context of market positioning opportunities. For pricing studies, we employ both qualitative research and quantitative research tools.

Pricing research usually concentrates on customers' sensitivity to pricing. This price sensitivity is driven by the nature of the market, the target within that market, the differentiation level of your product or service, and the value of your brand. If you are making decisions with pricing research about the overall price-feature offerings for your brand or product category, we recommend simultaneously addressing the brand positioning question. As part of our Pricing Research services, we consult with you on the market and brand positioning issue, and your current stage in the decision process. Our discussion on the Decision Pathway shows how we view the strategy decision process.

In the quantitative phases of pricing research, we may conduct market segmentation research, and positioning research which involves concept testing and price sensitivity conjoint analysis.

Contact us to discuss your specific pricing decisions and how pricing research my enhance opportunities to maximize margins and profits with an optimum price-positioning strategy.

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