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see also Qualitative Time-Extended Depth Interviews Conducted in Multiple Venues

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Depth interviews, a qualitative market research method, conducted among "a priori" target segments is our preferred first step to explore, discover and assess the marketplace. Depth interviews provide an initial landscape view. Our strong depth interview design and interviewing capabilities allow us discover the depth and range of buyer behavior and beliefs as a prelude to quantitative market measurements.

We conduct depth interviews with differing data collection methods: Traditional appointment or CLT in-person interviews are the mainstay. Growing in our portfolio is the hybrid online-phone, time-extended depth interview. Drawn from a carefully selected and managed panel, participants are contacted both online and by phone over a period of several days. This provides the market research depth interview respondent to consider questions and stimuli in an incubation mode, then to again express them in a follow up interview.

A set of depth interviews is often used as a prelude to quantitative market studies, customer online surveys, phone surveys, and other quantitative market research. Qualitative depth interviews are applicable to both business B2B market research, research, and to consumer research. Qualitative depth interviews are especially useful in the early stages of strategy decision-making.

The main point here is the value of getting in-depth insight into the buyer belief and attitude structure, and use this insight for business strategy development. For example, when scanning for strategic opportunities they can uncover important consumer and business buyer attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that may precede an emerging trend. Non-directive techniques and projective research techniques are especially useful in defining buyer motivations .

Different from statistically reliable public opinion and market surveys, online surveys, and other quantitative techniques, qualitative methods should not be used for market sizing, measuring consumer or B2B brand preference, brand position, customer satisfaction or buying or product usage behavior. They are best suited for uncovering the spectrum or range of views, beliefs, attitudes, opinions, and experiences. This helps build assumptions and generate ideas which may warrant further assessment.

Aside from qualitative market research depth interviews, other qualitative methods include focus groups, and special observational qualitative methods such as ethnographic studies. (Photo ethnography, for example, uses various methods to watch what people do e.g. store shopping, using products in their home, behavior during a sales call, etc.)

For more details, see our discussion in our FAQ about "Qualitative versus Quantitative" market research methods.

We conduct qualitative research in all markets: Seattle - San Francisco - Los Angeles - New York - Chicago - Boise - Phoenix - LA - Dallas - Boston - Kansas City - Baltimore - Miami. Inquire for others.