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★ Non-Directive Qualitative Marketing Research Interviews★

Non-directive research interviewing is a questionning style used in qualitative marketing research interviews. Much of motivational research is qualitative, and concentrates on a particular subcategory known as non-directive qualitative research. The emphasis here is on listening to people talk in response to a minimal number of specific questions, which are for the most part open-ended.

Projective techniques are frequently used allowing respondents to engage in free-flowing and creative descriptions of their needs and how they are being met. Here, we use photos, graphics, and sound bites as stimuli to get top-of-mind emotional reactions to a product category, brand, or product use experience.

One of our preferred methods of deploying projective techniques is a :: qualitative online forum, a 3-day excursion with your target audience conducted online. This method can parallel creative brand development or advertising development work by creative teams and advertising agencies.

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