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Advanced Search Tools -- Secondary Marketing Research

Marketing research and business intelligence starts with secondary market research of current published data. How to sift through marketing information is the challenge. We selected these convenient advanced search tools you can use for your secondary market research effort. Some deliver full text and detailed abstracts of business article reporting on 'marketing research', 'new product research', 'business strategy', 'survey research' 'marketing decisions' etc. They may quickly get you to the actual content (abstracts, full text PDF downloads). A well designed Google advanced search, or better, Metacrawler (see below) is always a good starting option.
If you know of find a good business search engine not listed here, please send us an email so we can add it to this site.

PDMA Search
Product Development & Management Assn.

A good source for product development and related marketing topics.

LookSmart & Gale Research
This engine gives you full text articles from important sources such as Sloan Business School, etc.

Reuters |Investor
Sector & Industry Research
This is a great free site for industry and company research. To get to the meat of their search tools, you'll need to sign up for a username and it's well worth it.

Multiple search at once.
Metacrawler searches Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, About, LookSmart and others with one command. Advanced screen lets you define your own Boolean search command, and gives you helps on using this powerful technique.

Advice on search strategies.
A guide to choosing the best search engine depending on your information need. Organized by search type, including "a few good hits fast," "popular or commercial topic" and "I need quality, evaluated pathfinders prepared by a subject expert."

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