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Marketing Research Success Stories

Marketing Research Success Stories


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Positioning strategy and a new product brand was the challenge. We employed positioning research, branding research, new product research, concept testing, and managed the creative brand development process a technology marketing and R&D start-up company. For positioning strategy, the job was to create consumer interest demand for a computerized light bulb. An embedded system ASIC computer chip controlled multiple functions of a formerly ordinary light bulb. High-impact positioning strategy would be needed to overcome 100 years of consumer familiarity with the standard lighting elements. Our approach was first, positioning research followed by creative branding research and brand development. We managed the full brand development process, start to finish.

With the ASIC new product design in place, our task was to generate brand names from a set of brand naming candidates that would express uniqueness, grab attention, and provoke easy recall. Positioning impact was key. Positioning research told us that consumers would be willing to pay for life extension and bulb-centric functionality, yet, we learned that attention-getting brand name impact was needed for product trial of this new product innovation.

We used positioning research, creative branding research, market segmentation research, and idea generation creativity tools to recommend a positioning strategy, pricing strategy, and generate brand name candidates. Hundreds of possible names were first created from many techniques. In tandem with brand name creation, we guided our client project team through the process of weighting brand name positioning criteria, based on our positioning research results.

We recommended a laughter-evoking brand name that was memorable, built interest, and conveyed broad functionality--Bulb Boss� . A leading electronics appliance firm adopted the product and the brand for a national retail roll-out. When the technology moved, a subsequent design led to integration of the chip inside a bulb. For this spin-off product, the Smart Bulb� brand was generated.

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