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Branding strategy, positioning, or market segmentation research, were marketing concepts rarely connected with housing building products. Our client, a Fortune 500 company, saw the positioning potential for rapid market penetration as it faced important branding, brand-name selection and positioning decisions for its new high-tech engineered wood building product line.

We used a Creative Branding Research approach. We moved to in our branding market research engagement to assess consumer and trade perceptions, develop positioning hypoteses, and then to generate ideas, gather consumer reactions, and guide the positioning and brand name decisions. What would best positioning for the new engineered wood innovation?

Our Creative Branding Engagement included two types of market research: a segmentation research study to identify positioning opportunities and salient segmentation dimensions; and a brand equity and name perception study to seek out the competitive communications platforms that would pack a punch. Our market research projects gave new learning about consumers and the building trades; and our consulting recommendations showed positioning strategy opportunities that could rapidly build the brand and deliver gross margins for the business.


Our work led to the brand naming and brand positioning strategy that created high trade enthusiasm and positive consumer product identity.

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