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Marketing Research Success Stories

Marketing Research Success Stories


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A well-respected private label food processor held a strong position in Western markets. Top grocery chains stocked much of its canned vegetables line -- it was known for packing quality product at competitive prices. The private label business however, grew more price competitive and profits began to erode. A proprietary brand strategy was viewed as delivering higher profits through restored margins.

Our role was to guide an 18-month multistage effort to discover the most appropriate product categories to pursue.
We took these steps in a major consumer research product concept testing study:

  • scanned and evaluated 40+ product groups, recommending a shortlist of product category candidates

  • conducted a consumer research study to find a set of canned food products with low consumer satisfaction and high interest in a new brand: this built upon our intelligence platform for this decision

  • trade-off analysis to calculate the price-quality blends that have the best chance of success

  • worked closely with the client product development team as they formulated test runs of the final food product chosen, this to insure that the test formulations held true to the product attributes formula derived from consumer research.
  • Our final work was to manage the brand name development, package design, initial ad campaign and test market plan.

    The new brand was successfully introduced at a premium price level and containing the blend of ingredients desired most by consumers. The brand fast gained both trade and consumer acceptance. And the brand was later expanded to other products and institutional markets.