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★ Site Location and Trading Area Analyses by Marketing Research Experts :: Site Location :: Trading Area Definition :: Commercial Real Estate Strategy :: Demographic, Traffic, Businss Patterns★

Location Research Services: we offer site location analysis and site recommendations, trading area analysis, and multiple location strategy recommendations.

We look at site location strategy as one dimension in your decision spectrum. Here's our approach:

  1. Decision Mapping: Here we consult with your management team to clarify the decision options in the full marketing mix.
  2. Identify Internal Site Criteria: What site features must exist as internal criteria?
  3. Define Consumer/User Preferences: What location attributes are important to active consumers and users?
  4. Define Consumer/User Demographic Profile: Here we profile the demographic and lifestyle attributes of active consumers
  5. GIS Analysis: Using the premier GIS and demographic databases, we define the trading areas.
  6. Competitive Clustering: How extensive is clustering? Map competitive locations and sales trends and volumens.

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