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These web market research related tutorials offer links resources.  We have attempted here to give you the best-of-breed in statistics, marketing research, surveys, polls, focus groups, and online survey methods, and other market research technologies.

Competitive Intelligence Industries Packaging
Database Marketing Marketing Public and Media Relations
Decision-Making Market Research Retailing
Media Buying Statistics

 Database Marketing

Database marketing is somewhat of an 'ugly sister' to market research, yet if you have a database of customers or prospects, database marketing and 'data mining' is one of the best market research tools available.  It is hands-on, real-world, real customers and prospects.   There are wonderfully simple and sophisticated tools that have marketing intelligence power.  Learn about this robust market research tool.

An Intro To Data Mining
Data mining explained. Excellent start for those interested in applying data mining for market research purposes.

Data Mining
This web site offers data mining white papers, book reviews, and links.

The Data Mine
The Data Mine gives an introduction to data mining, also known as knowledge discovery in databases (KDD), knowledge acquisition from databases, and knowledge discovery.

Contains case studies, white papers and an overview of various methods for analyzing data, ranging from the simple to the sophisticated.



Decision-making is a very broad field.  The academic work on decision-making centers around statistical algorithms.   These relate to market research from the standpoint that market research, especially quantitative market research, has as its premise a model of buyer decision-making.

Decision Making Tutorial by Beginners.co.uk
A basic but useful decision-making overview outline a fundamental rational process.

Optimization is a mathematical process that has market research usefulness. It can calculate the best utilization of resources (people, time, processes, vehicles, equipment, raw materials, supplies, capacity, securities, etc.) needed to achieve a desired result.  Objective functions are set, such as minimizing cost or process time or maximizing throughput, service levels, or profits. Optimization technology improves decision making speed and quality by providing businesses with responsive, accurate, real-time solutions to complex business problems. e-Optimization.com is a subject guide and links for anyone interested in optimization software. 

Market Research and Marketing Research Training 

Market research training is readily available while on the job.  Someone with basic knowledge of marketing principles and buyer behavior can quickly get up to speed and be conversant in market research design issues, and be able to deal with and contract for market research survey services, or focus group services from a marketing research firm.

The Burke Institute
The Burke Institute is the mother of private market research training institutions.  Burke Institute is a spin off of Burke Marketing Research, known for its quality standards. It offers marketing research training seminars on such topics as qualitative and quantitative market research, market survey questionnaire design, international market research, and more. Customized training and several certification programs are offered.  This is a winner.  Start here.

Questionnaires and Survey Design 
A course on how to design a research survey questionnaire

An "aggregator of global business intelligence, competitive intelligence, marketing intelligence and market research.  A searchable database of published marketing research materials; free searches; full market research reports for sale.

"Principles of Marketing Research"
Skill areas covered include marketing research basics, planning the market research process, market research design, market research survey sampling, survey data collection methods, market research measurement instruments, data collection skills, data analysis, communicating research results, and research management. Access to the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education's web-based course supported by the Advertising Research Foundation, the American Marketing Association, ESOMAR, and CASRO.

Market Research
An extensive online market research library for non-profit management with topics such as marketing, advertising, e-commerce and intellectual property law. Excellent overview of how to use marketing research and market research methods.

The Write Market
Marketing plan tutorials on the basics of developing and executing a marketing plan, with an emphasis on online skills, including online promotion, search engine promotion, including how to publish an Ezine, creating an online press center, writing for the web and online branding. 


Media Buying

Media Buying Academy
Offers a four-day "boot-camp" course in the basics of media planning and buying, taught throughout the U.S., with customized onsite training available as well. Audio and video home-based versions of the training programs are produced.



Packaging® Strategies
Packaging markets, technology, and business, reporting intelligence on new packages, packaging technologies, companies, and market trends. Information about newsletters, conferences, and market studies on packaging.


Public and Media Relations

SPIN Tutorials
Tutorials on strategic media campaigns, including in-depth guides to cultivating relationships with reporters and making the most of photo opportunities and media events.

Links for educators, students, or practitioners and published research in the field of public relations.


Competitive Intelligence

Another silent partner to market research, competitive intelligence is often a critical item on the market research menu.

Aurora WDC Magazine

Articles, links, and essays on competitive intelligence.

Business Research Strategies
Free online tutorials on company and organization; industry and product; topics and events; economic and financial data; and demographics and consumers. Related links

TradePort: Global Trade Tutorial
A tutorial on international trade. Topics addressed include trade rules, export strategy and market research on foreign markets.



The Industry Handbook Retailing Industry
An overview of the retailing industry and key success factors. Source links.



Statistics Every Writer Should Know
Information written by L.A. Times' journalist Robert Niles is geared toward journalists or others wanting a basic understanding of statistics.

Center for Social Research Methods
 Links to sources. Offers an online hypertext "textbook" on applied social research methods, an online statistical "advisor" that helps determine the appropriate statistical test, and research pointers.

HyperStat Online
The main offering at this site is the HyperStat Online Textbook, an introductory guide to statistics. Great other resources including book reviews, statistics link resources, and an online forum for users of the textbook.


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