Discover marketing opportunities to grow b2b brand share using our 360 marketing research and concept generation process.

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Power Decisions helps clients dial in roadmaps to market share growth: finding and manifesting opportunities for growth in — products, pricing, positioning, advertising strategy, messaging, branding, channel strategy and more.


Simply, we step in as partners with our client leadership to find, uncover, and clarify possible opportunities.

    • Marketing research.

    • Idea generation.


    Discovering memorable, strong, and  relevant  themes and copy.


    Positioning ‘finds product categories you can own.’ We discover your positioning options.

    Distribution Channels

    Accelerating sales through optimal distribution.’

    Market Attitudes & Desires

    Tracking the needs, attitudes & preferences of current and potential buyers & influencers.

    Hidden Sales Bricks

    Identifying impediments to sales success.

    Technology Insights

    Spotting & monitoring emerging promising or competitive technologies.

    B2B Brand Equity

    Here we measure and assess the power of your B2B brand relative to your competition.

    Pricing Levels & Structure

    Assessing  opportunities in pricing.

    New Product Concepts

    Generating and testing concepts for new or modified products and services.

    Innovative Thinking.

    Marketing intelligence covers data creation, generates fresh ideas, and covers your management viewpoints.

    Tools & Techniques

    We know marketing research. We tailor to you and your company the right research tools and methods.


    We’ve conducted scores of B2B studies for small and large organizations.


    We’re research and strategy experts.  We collaborate with you employing our deep analytical tool kit.

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    Thomas Brown

    Thomas Brown

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