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B2B marketing research

B2B Marketing Research Applications


Pricing Research

We provide pricing strategy consulting backed by strong pricing research capabilities. Our perspective is broad when dealing with pricing research and pricing strategy decisions, and focus on finding for your business optimum price-product-feature configurations in the context of market positioning opportunities. We employ both qualitative and quantitative pricing research tools.

Product Research

Product market research serves several goals: new product design and market validation research, or assessing existing product strength and line extension potential.   We follow the product development cycle integrating research with creative positioning and technical product design efforts.

Concept Testing

Concept testing research evaluates advertising concepts, ad theme concepts and appeals, new product concepts, pricing, brand concepts, brand names, and positioning strategy concepts.   We select techniques — qualitative and quantitative — to both develop concepts, refine, and screen to assess market potential.

Positioning Research

We offer experienced market positioning and creative branding research capabilities to define and go-to-market with a high-impact positioning strategy. First, it requires understanding the market positioning concept, your current and potential markets, and the process needed to generate brand name impact.

Marketing Due Diligence

We support venture investment firms with primary and secondary marketing research in a stand alone or component marketing due diligence study.

Customer Satisfaction Research

The buzz and interest around customer satisfaction research sometimes deflates if the research design does not lead to actionable results. Also, customer expectations generally rise overtime as advances in technology in many categories boost the consumer consciousness of what to expect. We build into our customer satisfaction study design “action indicators” to point to immediate use of customer satisfaction results.

Branding Research

Branding decisions drive branding marketing research strategy.  Corporate, product and advertising brand development is a mix of creativity and marketing information to uncover brand positioning opportunities in cluttered market spaces.

Brand Equity Research

Brand equity research measures the breadth and depth of brand power in your target markets.  We use both standard and custom tailored brand equity survey measurements.  A key to research design is the goal of a brand equity measurement study.

Advertising Research

Advertising research design is determined by specific advertising goals and the stage of ad development, or campaign. We use a broad range of advertising research techniques including ad recall surveys, message and theme salience and impact measures, buying motivation and association with the ad message or positioning theme. We employ both qualitative and quantitative pricing research tools.

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation research maintains focus and delivers needed marketing information in today’s moving economy where new markets and new product categories emerge and traditional market segments fade away.  Market segmentation research is a way to keep ‘your eye on the ball.’  Often we start the market segmentation process with qualitative research to the range and breadth of customers.  Then we follow with quantitative research using appropriate multivariate analysis (cluster, k-means factor, etc) to define meaningful segments.

Sales Analysis

Data mining — finding gems of insight from sophisticated or basic analysis of your internal customer and sales and margin trend data — is a key first step in product and brand analysis. Simply put, a marketing analysis data mining effort searches for meaning and insight among the stacks of sales data and marketing data already within a sales and marketing organization. Through these tools we can better target your best customers, find which advertising and promotion methods are most efficient and effective.