B2B marketing research

Success Stories

New Product Market Entry & Branding

This comprehensive consumer marketing research study involved several new product development stages. For a private label food producer, we guided an 18-month multistage entry in a consumer branded category. The stages included an opportunity scanning study among consumers, pricing research using conjoint trade-off analysis, brand positioning, brand name idea generation, and concept testing concept.

Marketing due diligence venture fund — software acquisition

An international marketing due diligence study to assess the market position of a vertical software acquisition target. We conducted a fast turn phone survey study among buying influences and decision makers within a professional vertical market.

New Product Market Entry

A worldwide market research study involving executive interviews was conducted when a leading semiconductor company asked us to assess the market for DSP processors. We delivered marketing strategy and business level strategic planning information from our executive qualitative survey.

Brand Marketing Strategy

This marketing research study was conducted for a Fortune 500 company that faced important branding, naming, and positioning decisions for its high technology new product.

Corporate Brand Image

We helped a European petroleum company build its corporate image in the U.S. with a targeted national image assessment prior to its acquisition of an American company. Our market research study involved an advertising awareness survey, and audience demographics analysis.

New Product Concept Generation

A major consumer packaged goods food products company had its roots in food service, and had made substantial inroads into retail branded products. We guided them with new product concept idea generation process to identify new product and new market opportunities.

Dealer & User Attitude & Usage Study

For a major farm implement and tools manufacturer, we conducted an attitude and usage market research study throughout the Western states among farm supply dealers and farm operators. Our market research study, using a hybrid phone survey and mail survey method, identified new product, customer satisfaction, branding, and advertising opportunities for strengthening customer loyalty, product adoption, and market share growth.

Brand Positioning & Naming

For an H-P technology spin-off with an exciting new product in lighting, we managed the development of compelling brand name and advertising positioning as the focal point of a pull-through consumer strategy.

New Product & Market Opportunity Scanning

We conducted a nationwide market research strategy study to assess the market adoption rates and prospects for a new competitive building materials product, this guiding our client’s new product and new market entry decision.

Public Affairs Strategy

A major chemical firm knew from recent blunders that its reputation was on a slide. Through a series of focus group discussions and a projectable community survey, we identified how to best build community alliances.

B2B Market Position Profile

A strong niche manufacturer of plant automation equipment wanted to know its competitive position. Important decisions involving marketing communications spend and capital investment were on the table. After our decision clarification work to isolate marketing strategy options, we designed and executed a phone survey for a customer satisfaction and broad market survey study.

Transition Strategy

For an industrial manufacturing client, we helped identify new product and service opportunities to more effectively position the company in its competitive market space.