We use four proven marketing research methods. Most all engagements include 1-to-1 Kinetic Depth Interviews, ideally conducted face to face or remote.
Our other tools, when appropriate, may support our project depending on your marketplace traits.

Kinetic Depth Interviews are dynamic one-to-one peer level interviews that go beyond traditional depth interviews.  We use a well-crafted ‘interview plan’ — not questionnaires — so they are more like conversations.  These  far ranging unexpected intelligence, research information and ideas.

Online Forums are an actively moderated multple day research process.  Forums are especially suited to include executives, managers, B2B buyers, and other ‘hard to reach’ research audiences.

Competitive Intelligence is a range of tailored primary and secondary information gathering activities and subsequent analysis.

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When client needs and study requirements call for capturing views, purchase behavior, experiences, and buyer attitudes from a larger, perhaps more diverse target audience, we may recommend quantitative component.