Client Engagements

When you invite Power Decisions to uncover your growth opportunities, we begin with our 360 research and concept generation process.  We scour your B2B landscape for marketing information to…

  • … identify your management preferences and unique drivers,
  • … illuminate, clarify and contribute to your existing bucket of growth ideas; and
  • … deliver useful information about products, segments, pricing, and brand positioning.

We begin by tailoring an engagement plan to precisely fit your goals, assumptions, and situation. Once you approve our engagement plan, we move forward employing some or all of the tools outlined under Research Methods. .

Your judgement counts...

We start by listening and thinking about ideas, decisions and intelligence. This moves our collective thinking ahead quickly. The result? Better decisions and choices.


Power Decisions Group has conducted scores of marketing and product research studies involving branding,  positioning, pricing, advertising, product development, channels, and segmentation.


We’ve helped a broad range of B2B companies with consulting and research with our 360 Discovery Research approach.


Design & execution...

We’re specialists at research design and execution. We employ best of breed resources to implement kinetic depth interviews, online  B2B communities, focus groups, & discussion forums.

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Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown

Senior Consultant