Key Questions #4 thru #6

Question four, five, & six focus on the information, data, and intelligence that you already own, what’s needed, and what’s missing. All of this of course is based on your current knowledge and understanding. We apply the wisdom of “we don’t know what we don’t know.”e   We employ an attitude of “beginners mind.”

#4 Knowledge Today

Evaluating current knowledge, data ownership, and possible intelligence requirements comprise our Key Question #4, “What do we know today?”

 We employ the tools outlined under Research Methods

    #5 MH Market Info

    In devising a “must-have” (MH) marketing research roadmap, we both gather intelligence that informs, and information that guides, directs and inspires further inquiry.  So, at first we do not have a complete picture of what it is that is ‘necessary’ to learn or know.   This is why for our clients we take a pathway approach to sequence learning steps.   It is also why we use an information concept we call the Marketing Intelligence Platform which requires that we take a practical, broad view of the nature of information for a B2B enterprise.

      #6 Missing Data

      What crucial marketing and marketplace research data is missing from our data set?  

      This question is one that B2B marketing executives, COOs and CEOs are persistent in asking what marketing research, operations, or financial data is missing.

        The table we created here can help you identify missing and needed information.

        Decision Mapping

        The 8 Questions are a vital component of a set of components in our Decision Mapping Process.   

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